Out of Work Mechanic Wins $10,000; See? Sometimes Good Things Happen to Good People


This win has come at the right time, said 48-year-old Wesley Grimes, who has been out of work since December.

The Baltimore, Maryland, resident’s $10,000 third-tier Powerball prize will surely help out his situation.

Wesley is a regular Lottery player of jackpot games, as he purchases tickets often.

On his way home from picking up his wife from work, he purchased his tickets.  Not even thinking about a win, Wesley went home and spent a quiet evening with his wife. He found out about the win the day after the drawing.

I saw that I had the Powerball number from watching the news, he said. I didn’t even check the rest of the numbers until later in the day. That’s when he saw he matched four other numbers. He immediately called his wife who was equally as shocked.

Wesley, who has been out of work since December, was a Maintenance Mechanic. He injured his shoulder and had to have surgery. I really need this money to pay some bills, said the lucky player.

In addition, Wesley is going to take his wife to a nice dinner. The winning ticket was purchased at the Royal Farms store, located on Keswick Road in Baltimore.

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