Mom Picks Up $10,000 While on the Way to Pick Up Son at Summer Camp


An Edwardsville, Kansas, woman joked that she was “just hoping to win enough to pay for lunch” when she stopped for a sandwich while on her way to pick up her son at summer camp.

Connie Vandenberg, 51, ended up with more than enough to cover the tab at Casa Blanca, in Lake Ozark.

Vandenberg was indeed on her way to pick up her son at the time of her $10,542 Missouri Lottery Club Keno win.

Her mother, Karen Belknap of Sunrise Beach, and ex-husband, Louis Vandenberg of Greenview, were also along for the ride.

“He’s on hold right now!” she said with a laugh, referring to when she called her son’s camp to inform the counselors she was running late.

“We went to eat first before picking him up and played a little Keno while we had a sandwich,” she explained.

Belknap said her daughter “always wins” when they play Club Keno together.  Last week, she “won $18 and paid for lunch.”

As for her most recent win, Vandenberg “got excited” as soon as she saw the numbers.  She knew right away that she had won something big, because she’s been playing the same numbers for more than 10 years.  Her “lucky numbers” are a combination of family birthdays, anniversaries and graduation years.

When asked how she will spend the prize money, she emphatically said she will “take these guys to dinner,” referring to her mother and ex-husband.  Additionally, she’ll “maybe go somewhere,” but she is undecided on a vacation destination.

Vandenberg’s ex-husband added that “it couldn’t have happened to a better person.”

She summed up her win by saying, “$10,542 is pretty nice.  It’s a lot to get happy about!”


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