Idaho Player Didn’t Realize He Had a $250,000-Winning Ticket in His Pocket


Sometimes…the ticket you’ve been carrying around in your pocket for the last few weeks, months…etc… can be pretty valuable.

Hell, just this morning, I cleared out about 20 Mega Millions and Powerball tickets from my desk drawer. Now, I am convinced that each and every one of them was checked. But…

Anyway, here’s a cool story about an Idaho $250,000 Mega Millions (Match 5) winner.

A Rathdrum, Idaho man has claimed the $250,000 prize from the August 17, 2010 Idaho Lottery Mega Millions drawing.

Allen York went to the Lottery headquarters in Boise  to claim is money.  He said he had been unaware there was even a winner in North Idaho let alone that it might be him.

“I had just been carrying my tickets around in my wallet,” said York, a truck driver.

He stopped in the store where he bought the ticket, the Korner Shop in Rathdrum and they checked it and then told him he was a big winner.

After hearing news accounts about the Idaho Lottery’s efforts to locate the winner York’s wife Teresa said they did not tell anyone they were the winners until they made their claim.

York becomes the first Idaho Lottery player to claim a quarter of a million dollars on Mega Millions.

One ticket worth $250,000sold in Coeur d’ Alene remains unclaimed, another sold in Irwin, Idaho, earlier this year expired on September 2.

That ticket was worth $1,000,000 to the winner.

What a shame.

So check those freaking tickets, OK?


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