A Friend Forever: Maryland Man Buys Ticket for a Friend. Ticket is Worth $50,000


Carlos Aguilar was nearly 5,000 miles away when he discovered that he was $50,000 richer. His friend of 22 years, Orlando, purchased a  Maryland scratch ticket, Bonus Match 5 for him while he was in  Hawaii where he was taking one of his sons to college.

Orlando bought the Bonus Match 5 ticket for Carlos the day he left town.

Orlando also was the one to check the ticket and discover his friend’s good fortune. I was so excited, I immediately called him in Hawaii, said Orlando, who accompanied Carlos to claim his prize.

He called me at 10:30 PM our time, which is 5:30 AM in Hawaii, said the 40-year-old winner.

I was asleep. When he told me I’d won the Lottery, I sure was surprised. If it was somebody else he would have cashed it, added Carlos with a chuckle.

Aguilar’s faithful friend Orlando kept the winning ticket in his wallet until Carlos returned home this past Wednesday.

I would have been here Tuesday, but I missed my flight. I’m still tired. I’m still trying to get use to the time difference, Carlos confessed.  However, Carlos doesn’t have a problem getting use to being $50,000 richer and having a real friend he can count on.

The Montgomery County (Maryland) resident said this is the first time he has won anything.  When asked what his plans were for his newfound riches, the father-of-two-college students said that he intends to pay for school for both his sons and, of course, give something to Orlando.

Now really, would you have done the same for your friend?

Think about it.

For me, Orlando deserves a medal for friendship.

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