Finland Has Their Biggest Lottery Winner Ever, at $9.7 Million (in U.S. Dollars). But Winner Has Not Yet Come Forward.


Lotteries are big all over the world. [Just check out my first book, JACKPOT, to see how big.]

They show up in almost every country in the world… and I occasionally have a correspondent telling me about their country’s big winners.

Here now, Finland.

I thank our correspondent for this news report:

A single player in the town of Kalajoki, Finland, Saturday evening became the biggest lottery winner in Finnish history.

The special drawing for a pot of 7.2 million euros (about $9.7 million, in U.S. dollars) was in honour of the 70th anniversary of the state lottery organisation Veikkaus.

The single winner in Saturday’s lottery now holds the title of “all-time big winner”. The previous record holder won 7 million euros.

Finns ploughed 19.2 million euros into tickets for Saturday’s drawing. Previously, the highest amount bet by Finns in the lottery was 18.2 million euros, during last year’s draw number 44, when 6.9 million euros was at stake. Two lucky players shared the prize on that occasion.

Saturday’s anniversary draw jackpot comprised the standard amount of one million euros, plus unclaimed winnings.

It seems like Finns,when they win, don’t flash the cash, as it were, most opting to pay off their mortgages and buy a new car.

The money is sometimes used for travel and for helping family members, Veikkaus officials said.

Only one person in Finland”a woman”has ever had the good fortune of winning the national lottery twice. Veikkaus no longer has the ability to track such winners, as nowadays they very often use different accounts to manage their wagers.

Lottery winnings are subject to taxation according to law, and Veikkaus advises big winners to apply for a statement of having paid the tax from the organisation.

Ain’t that cool?

I’d love to find out who won in Finland this past weekend.

By the way, I have a very good friend (at least he was 20 years ago) who moved to Finland and started a record (now CD) company.

I wonder if he was the one…..

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