Hamilton, Ontario Canadian Couple Win $6.9 Million Playing 6/49 Lotto

That’s Adrian and Hermilia Georgescu (above) , winners of $6.9 million Canadian dollars (about $7 million in USD) after playing the 6/49 game.
The Hamilton, Ontario pair learned of their 6/49 win after Saturday’s draw and waited an hour before the store opened the next morning to confirm it.
Man, I’d do the same thing.
I’d be waiting at the door when they opened. Wouldn’t you?

We’ve been playing the same, meaningful numbers for 25 years, since Lotto 6/49 first started, said Georgescu. This is unbelievable.

Everyone in the store was going crazy,” he said. “The clerk was running around the grocery aisles telling everyone that there was a big winner in the store.

A former network administrator who retired just a month ago, Georgescu said they hadn’t yet thought about the future.

We can’t even think about what we are going to do with this money, he said. I will probably buy a luxury car and quite possibly do some home renovations.

We’re going to travel, said his wife.


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