Michigan Raffle Player Wins a Cool $100,000


Many states now have raffle drawings, in addition to straight lottery games. And to sweeten the pot, the odds are usually better than most games.

Allen Barr of Michigan can attest to that.

Barr is $100,000 richer after claiming a $100,000 Red Hot Raffle ticket!

Barr, of Eaton Rapids, bought 18 raffle tickets at different times. He didn’t need all of them though, the first ticket he bought was the big winner.

“My server knew my ticket won, so when she saw me she told me to check my ticket,” Barr said. “Sure enough, she was right!”

Barr kept his winning ticket in a safe before claiming it at Lottery Central in Lansing, Michigan.

He plans to help his family, pay bills, and tip his server with the prize money.


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