Lottery’s Top 10 Jackpots Around the World

Lottery Balls

In case you happen to be traveling in the U.S., Canada or Europe, here are the Top 10 jackpots currently in play, and the dates of their next drawings.

So— go out and win.

1. $118 million, Mega Millions, a U.S. multi state game, Oct. 26

2. $72 million, Powerball, a U.S. multi state game, Oct. 27

3. $50 million in Canadian dollars (about $48.7 million in USD), Lotto Max, Oct. 29. Tickets available only in Canada.

4. $34 million, Indiana Lotto, Oct. 27. Tickets available only in Indiana.

5. 15 million euros (about $20.9 million USD), Euro Millions, Oct. 29. Tickets available in nine European countries, including the U.K., Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland.

6. $16 million Canadian dollars (about $15.6 million USD), Canada Lotto 6/49, Oct. 27

7. $15 million, Lotto Texas, Oct. 27 (tickets can be bought only in Texas)

8. $12 million, Classic Lotto Ohio, Oct. 25. Tickets can be bought only in Ohio.

9. $11 million, California’s SuperLotto Plus, Oct. 27. Tickets can only be bought in California.

10. $10 million, Hot Lotto, Oct. 27. Tickets can only be bought in Hot Lotto participating U.S. states.

Good luck everyone.


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