Canadian Couple Win $22 Million (Canadian Dollars) Playing Lotto Max


Lawayne Musslewhite and Marrilyn Hodgkinson, a couple from Fort Saskatchewan, Canada, were announced recently as the winners of the $22 million Lotto Max draw on Nov. 12.

Lotto Max is one of Canada’s coolest games, a national draw held every Friday night. U.S. citizens: If you live near the Canadian border, cross over and buy a ticket.

Musselwhite went to a food store to buy pickles, but also picked up six Lotto Max tickets on the way out.

The win means he can buy the car he’s always dreamed of owning ” a 1965 Shelby.

“I restored Shelbys when I was younger. I did 31 of them. Sold them all off. Never kept one for myself,” he said.

The couple also plans to invest their winnings, help family members and buy a new home.

Well yeah.

Musselwhite owns a coin shop in Edmonton. Hodgkinson hopes to open a restaurant.

The couple joins other Alberta lottery winners this year.

In September, a young couple from Edmonton won $10 million in a Lotto Max draw.

A $6 lottery ticket picked up at a northeast convenience store turned into a $10 million payoff for a young Edmonton couple coping with a job loss.

In June, a retired couple from Mayerthorpe won $16 million Lotto 649 jackpot.

A laid-off welder from Beaumont picked up a $41.7 million cheque in May, after winning the jackpot in the April 23 Lotto Max draw.


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