Plumber Fixes the Leaks in His Bank Account, Wins $5.6 Million (3.6 Million Pounds) in the U.K. (Merry Christmas!)


A U.K. plumber has explained how he was so shocked at winning £3.5 million (that’s $5.6 million in U.S. dollars) on the festive U.K. National Lottery draw he could not eat his Christmas dinner.

Paul Goldie, 51, said he and his wife Christine, 48, had postponed their Christmas celebrations until Boxing Day because Mrs Goldie was working at a care home on the big day.

And when they checked their Lotto ticket in the early hours of December 26 they could not believe they had won.

They later found their share of the jackpot had netted them £3,581,481.

Now Mr Goldie says he is ditching his 16-year-old Volvo, which he has not moved off the drive for a year because he cannot afford to run it.

He told a press conference at Lumley Castle, in Chester-le-Street, how he has already ordered two new Audis and he is now looking at buying a new home.

But Mr and Mrs Goldie said they are determined to stay close to where they currently live in Washington, near Sunderland.

What a great Christmas story.

Do YOU have any? YOU know anyone who won a lottery on Christmas Day? Let me know.

I’m looking for FEEL GOOD stories to pump you up for the new year.

As I have said over and over again, lotteries are the great level-er. No discrimination …. anybody can win. And they do.


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