An AMAZING Lottery Story: Texas Player Wins Second-Chance Drawing For Fifth Time in a Year! Can You Believe It?


I’ve covered weird but true lottery stories for 10 years but this one…is right up there in terms of someone with good luck.

Of course, he probably plays a helluva lot. But still, to win FIVE TIMES in one year? Amazing.

A Corpus Christi man has won a second-chance lottery drawing for the fifth time in a year, this time earning him $1,000.

Felix Guajardo is no stranger to the Texas Lottery’s Mega Jumbo Bucks III second-chance drawing where players are eligible for prizes by entering non-winning tickets.

In August he won $1,000 in the game’s first second-chance drawing and in December won a Houston Texans autographed jersey and a Dallas Cowboys $100 gift card.

OK…it’s not like he won a million dollars, but still…beating the odds is incredibly lucky.

All that, on top of a pair of Cowboys season tickets he won in the summer.

I sat between the 30-yard lines at the games and it was awesome, Guajardo said in a news release. You could almost touch the players.

Lottery officials said Guajardo embodies the winning possibilities of second-chance drawings.

By consistently entering his non-winning scratch-off tickets in the appropriate second-chance drawings, Mr. Guajardo has won a range of prizes from a gift card and an autographed jersey to season tickets and cash, all of which are the kinds of prizes that make our second-chance drawings so popular among players, Texas Lottery Commission Executive Director Gary Grief said in a statement.

Guajardo said he regularly checks the lottery’s website to look for his name in the lists of winners.

Hey people, remember how much (on these pages) I URGE you to play second chance drawings? Odds are much better that fewer people are in the pool of entries.

So give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

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