Single Mother from Idaho Wins $190 Million Mega Money Prize, Her Half of $380 Million Jackpot


A single mother from northern Idaho today came forward to claim her half of the second largest lottery jackpot in history.

Holly Lahti, of Idaho, has won $190million but the newly wealthy mother-of-two does not want to be identified apart from her name and the state she is from.

Which is allowed in Idaho. In some states, you are required to make one appearance in the public.

‘We expect that she will be coming forward shortly’, a lottery representative said at a press conference today.

Although he did not want to comment on the winner, he did admit that she was delighted to have won.

‘Well, when you win $190million you’re pretty excited.

He said: ‘The ticket has not yet been cashed pending Ms Lahti’s choice on whether she chooses the amnuity or the cash option.

Relatives told local ABC News affiliate KXLY that the bank-teller is ‘very deserving’ of the ticket.

The rumour mill had gone on overdrive for more than a week when it was announced the winning ticket was purchased in the small city of Post Falls in northern Idaho, near the Washington border.

Ms Lahti bought her winning ticket from a convenience store who will also will $50,000 for selling the lucky ticket.

Brad Wilde, manager of Ady’s Convenience and Car Wash said: ‘She’s very sweet. Very down to earth. Just a really nice person. Good head on her shoulders. I think she’ll do very well’.

We all hope so.

What a wonderful day for her and her family. And their future generations.

Excited: Jim McCullar, 68,  and his wife Carolyn from Ephrata, Washington were happy to share their joy at winning the other half of the mega prize

Mr Wilde said that he didn’t know what Ms Lahti would do will all her new cash but hoped she would remain in town.

Lahti’s low-key reaction is in total contrast with her co-winner who scooped the other half of the $380 mega-prize.

Jim McCullar from Ephrata, Washington came forward immediately to claim his share of the winnings.

He lapped up the attention and spent time telling a news conference about how he realised he had hit the jackpot, how he had won and joked with is wife.

Real estate agent Mr McCullar, 68, lives with his wife Carolyn in a small town said he shouted to his wife in the middle the night after seeing his winning numbers during a nightly news broadcast.

He said his wife thought he was having a heart-attack before he broke the news that their lives had changed forever.

The jackpot grew to its large size after 15 consecutive drawings went without anyone getting all the winning numbers.

The lump sum after taxes will come to $90 million for each of the two winners.


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