Lottery News from Around the World: The Italian Lottery, SuperEnalotto, Rolls


A few tidbits from around the lottery world:

First, one of my favorite lotteries had no winners on Saturday, the 29th, January. SuperEnalotto, the Italian lottery had 53,782 million euros in play and no one won. That’s about $73.2 million in U.S. dollars.

The winning numbers were: 11,35,64,68, 72 and jolly ball 26 (my birth date).

Meanwhile, a nice story out of the U.K. about their sweepstakes draw:

Derek Streets, along with his wife Sandra, came forward as the 19th millionaire to be created by the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle draw, which happened at the end of 2010.

Derek was one of the 25 £1million winners in the draw.

The quotations manager for local firm Dale Power and Sandra, who works as a carer, played online and received an email osaying they had good news and to check their online Account.

Derek said, “I had got the ticket on Christmas Eve, I felt terrible and couldn’t go out on with my sons as we usually do. We had to cancel seeing my sons on Christmas Day as well as I felt so ill, and Sandra joked that we may at least be millionaires. I checked the email and said well yes we could be. When I logged on and saw the £1million I just sat in total disbelief.”

The couple, who will be celebrating their Ruby wedding anniversary this year, say the win has lifted a weight off their shoulders. Derek explained, “We have been in a difficult financial situation which meant we would probably have had to sell our bungalow in three years time. The win has meant we can stay there forever now and it is such a relief.”

The hard working couple, who haven’t had a holiday for five years, also plan to use the win to get away. A new car, “I’ve never had a new one and would love a Shogun”, and a motorhome to tour the country are next on this list, not forgetting treats for their four grandchildren!

Derek has helped The National Lottery pass the existing world record for the most millionaires in a single draw.

And finally, in the U.S., it looks like the latest state to move towards creating a lottery may be Wyoming, which has long resisted starting a lottery.

As of now, legislation is pending, so we’ll see how it all turns out.

Later today….your top 10 worldwide jackpots. I’m waiting on my correspondents in Canada, Europe and elsewhere for late night Saturday results.

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