Retired New York City Fireman Wins a Blazing Prize: $122 Million


I have such great admiration for firemen that whenever I hear about one winning a large lottery jackpot I post the news.

Congratulations, then, to Stephen Kirwan, a retired 68-year-old Greene County, New York, resident, the $122 million winner of the Jan. 22 Powerball drawing.

Kirwan chose the lump-sum payment option instead of 30 payments spread out over 29 years, according to the state Lottery Division.

That means his winnings will be reduced to $61.2 million. After taxes, the amount will be $40.4 million.

Still, not too freakin bad, eh?

Kirwan has lived in Purling, New York since 1985, when he retired from a 24-year career as a New York City firefighter and began a second career at Stiefel Laboratories in Oak Hill, where he worked until retiring in 2004.

Now he can really retire and do all the things he’s ever dreamed of.

“I’m not overly lucky,” Kirwan said. “My own house was damaged by fire last year. I guess I got a lifetime of luck all at once.”

Kirwan and his wife, Catherine, have two adult children, Stephen, 26, and Christine, 25.

Kirwan said he still is in shock about winning such a large amount of money and hasn’t yet decided what do to with it.

He does, however, plan to take a cruise with his wife and children, he said.

“It still hasn’t sunk in yet,” he said.

It will.

It always does.


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