Lottery’s Top 10 Jackpots Around the World


Here are the top 10 jackpots currently in play around the world. Good luck to all players (and I mean it).

1. $101 million, Powerball, next draw Feb. 16

2. $43 million Canadian dollars ($43.5 in USD), Lotto Max, next draw Feb. 18

3. $40 million, Mega Millions, Feb. 15

4. 28 million euros ($37.9 million USD), Euro Millions, Feb. 18

5. $35 million Canadian dollars ($35.4 million USD), Canada Lotto 6/49, Feb. 16

6. 18 million euros ($24.8 million USD), Italy’s SuperEnalotto, Feb. 15\

7. $24 million, Lotto Texas, Feb. 16

8. $21.8 million, Ohio’s Classic Lotto, Feb. 14

9. $16 million, Puerto Rico’s Loto, Feb. 16

10. $13 million, Florida Lotto, Feb. 16


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