Granny is Four Time Lottery Winner; Geez, Talk About Good Karma….


Call her Lady Luck.

Oh, I do. I do.

Judy Slone of Duluth, Georgia, is a four-time Georgia Lottery winner.

Slone, 62, has won a $400,000 top prize playing the instant game 20X The Money, her most recent win.

In 2004 the grandmother of three won $27,777 playing an instant game and bought new furniture with her windfall.

Her second win came the following year, 2005, when she won $1 million playing an instant game.

As a result, Slone had Lasik surgery and purchased a new car.

She played an instant game in 2009, winning $100,000. With that prize, she vacationed in Puerto Rico.

I just get a premonition, Slone said of her slew of lottery wins.

When I saw that I’d won $400,000, I said to myself, “I’ve got to read it again.’ 

Slone is an electrical worker and said she doesn’t plan to retire as a result of her multiple windfalls. Instead, she will save her latest win for her retirement, which is years away.

Does this story AMAZE you as much as it does me?

Does she play $1,000 of lottery a week.

How the hell does she do it?

Only the Great Gods of Randomness know for sure.

Hey, good for her. Wouldn’t we all like to be so lucky?


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