Lottery Jackpots Around the World: Top 10 (Plus 1)


Someone in Kissimmee Florida won $184,000,000 on Feb. 26 so a HUGE congratulations to the person or persons who hit all six POWERBALL numbers.


Now, here the your top 11 lottery jackpots currently in play, AND the dates of the next drawings.

1. $88 million, Mega Millions, Mar. 1

2. 59 milion euros (about $81.1 million USD), Euro Millions, Mar. 4 (tickets available in nine European countries, including the UK, Spain, France, Portugal and Switzerland)

3. $50 million Canadian dollars ($51.1 million USD), Lotto Max, Mar. 4 (tickets available across Canada)

4. 24 million euros ($33.2 million USD), SuperEnalotto, Mar. 1, (tickets available in Italy)

5. $28 million, Lotto Texas, Mar. 2

6. $23.2 million, Classic Lotto Ohio, Feb. 28

7. $22 million, Florida Lotto, Mar. 2

8. $20 million, Powerball, Mar. 2

9. 7.2 million British pounds ($11.6 million USD), UK National 6/49, Mar. 2

10. $10.5, N.Y. Lotto, Mar. 2

11. 6 million euros ($8.2 million USD), Irish Lotto, Mar. 2 (tickets available only in the U.K.)

Good luck everyone.

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