He Didn’t Win the Big One ($380,000,000), but Second Prize Ain’t Too Bad, eh? $250,000


Kenneth Atticks, of Harrisburg, Pennswylvania, won $250,000 from the Jan. 4 Mega Millions drawing.

How ’bout that, dude?

The day after the drawing I checked my ticket for the Mega Ball number, and I saw I didn’t have that, said Atticks. So I wrote the numbers down, and I didn’t check my ticket again until I saw on the news that there was a winning ticket sold at that store.

Reminder again. Always check your freaking tickets. See how easy it might have been if Ken didn’t recheck his ticket? He might have lost out on $250,000.

Atticks’ ticket correctly matched all five white balls, 04-08-15-25-47, but not the yellow Mega Ball 42, for a prize of $250,000, less 25-percent federal withholding.

After missing out on a share of the Jan. 4 jackpot by just one number, Atticks will continue buying Lottery tickets. I’ve been playing Mega Millions and Powerball regularly for the past few years, and I’m still playing, said Atticks.

Atticks, who volunteers with a local youth sports program, hopes to make several home improvements and pay down debts with his winnings.


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