A Very, Very Rare Thing: Florida Fantasy 5 Numbers are 14,15,16,17,18


This almost never happens.

Five consecutive numbers were drawn in Florida’s Fantasy 5 game.

And 47 tickets had winning numbers.

Each ticket matching all five numbers drawn this past Monday night was worth $4,581.74.

This is the most number of Fantasy 5 winners since 2001 when the Fantasy 5 matrix was changed from 26 to 36 numbers, making it more difficult to win.

In 2005, 40 tickets matched all five numbers, which is the previous record under the new matrix.

Lottery officials say all-time Fantasy 5 record was set in June 1993 with 204 winning tickets.

Just amazing.

By the way, I don’t ever advise anyone picking a five number sequence…but this time, it worked.



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