Patience Makes Perfect: Indiana $100,000 Lottery Winner Plans to Sit Back and Enjoy Her Win Before Spending it


Carol Bukur of Valparaiso, Indiana, says the best thing about winning money is not spending it, but deciding how to spend it.

Hmmm. Got a point there.

Bukur won a $100,000 scratch-off prize from the Hoosier (Indiana) Lottery and summed up the best thing about winning in one word: options.

This gives me options, said Bukur.  It’s fun thinking about what I could do.

I could buy a Jacuzzi or take a trip to Europe or whatever I decide. The nice part is having the options.

Bukur says the only thing she plans to do with her winnings right away is buy a smart phone.

She is going to let the rest play out and just have fun deciding what to do with her newly-won cash.

I’m going to keep the good feeling for a while, said Bukur.

You go girl.


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