Life Changing Event? Nah….Says Canadian Lottery 6/49 Winner of $7.1 Million (Canadian Dollars) Jackpot


Well sure. Even if you win millions of dollars, if you’re 85 years old, how much will your life change.

[you’d be surprised.]

So, meet an 85-year-old local man is the winner of a $7.1-million lottery jackpot.

Walter Arseniuk claimed his prize late last week, said Andrea Marantz, spokeswoman for the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

The senior calmly told lottery officials that despite his big win, his life will not dramatically change.

“He said it’s really not his style to make big plans,” laughed Marantz. “When he has something he wants to do, now he will just go do it.”

Arseniuk discovered his big win the day after purchasing his ticket.

All six numbers were matched.

Marantz said it’s not uncommon for big ticket winners to hold off on claiming their prize.

“Often people will find out that they’ve won and then need to take some time,” she said.

Nephew Emile Arseniuk, of Edmonton, said he hasn’t spoken to his uncle in five years but is happy to hear the news.

“It’s great to hear that he won,” said Emile. “He was a hard worker.”

Emile also said the new millionaire is single with no children.

Arseniuk declined to be interviewed but when claiming his ticket said, “There won’t be any changes. I always take it one day at a time.”


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