Love and the Lottery Don’t Always Mix; Witness: $3 Million Lottery Winner and Live-in Lover Fight Over Jackpot


Lucky with lottery.

Unlucky with love.

An Australian love and lottery story should have had a good, happy ending.

After one of the couple won a $3 million Australian lottery.

And then the  plot thickened.

The couple split a year after the woman bought a winning lottery ticket, and the Federal Magistrates Court had to decide how to divide the fortune.

They did not want their real names known… during the court proceedings, so we must call them Ms Kneen and Mr Crockford, both in their 20s, had lived together on and off.

In September 2008, after spending much of the year in women’s shelters, Kneen moved back in with Crockford.

A month later she bought a Powerball ticket at a Canberra newsagency and was stunned when she learnt she had won $3 million.

Establishing the facts was not easy; the federal magistrate who determined the property settlement, Stuart Lindsay, said both parties were ”very poor witnesses” who lied to help their own case.

Kneen claimed she was the only one who bought lottery tickets and Crockford was ”dismissive of her buying tickets and encouraged her not to.”

”She said that she always referred to the tickets as her tickets,” Lindsay said. ”She said that she had only ever won small amounts and that she always kept those winnings for herself.”

Crockford said they both played Powerball or Lotto every week and each contributed to the tickets, on the understanding that ”whoever bought it, it was a joint ticket and that they would share the winnings.”

After the $3 million windfall, they bought three properties.

The pair flew to Melbourne together to claim the winnings.

Lindsay allocated $100,000 to Kneen because she earned less than her former partner, but split the rest equally.

Ah, ain’t love grand…?


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