Washington Mom Gets the Gift of a Lifetime, a $200,000 Powerball Win


When Puyallup, Washington, resident, Lisa Britto heard honking coming down her road, she figured it was her husband, who she explained, gets excited even when we win $20! playing the lottery.

This time was different, Lisa’s husband walked in to the house, handed her the winning ticket and just said, Happy Mother’s Day!

That was the scene when Lisa’s husband, Tom, came home after he found out they won $200,000 playing Powerball from Washington’s Lottery.

We were getting ready to go to Ocean Shores for the Mother’s Day weekend and I sent Tom to get ice and check our Lottery tickets, Lisa said. He forgot the ice, but that’s ok.

The Puyallup resident and Group Health employee said they play the Lottery often.

We had never heard of PowerPlay until we came in to claim our prize. If we would have known about that, we would have gotten $1 million, but this is good too. Lisa said.

Lisa said she had a great Mother’s Day at Ocean Shores. We spent the whole weekend together, lots of family time. We went horseback riding, go-cart racing and had a wonderful brunch on Sunday.

Lisa wasn’t the only big winner on Friday. Washington’s Lottery gave out more than $680,000 within days of her win. There was a $250,000 Mega Millions winner in Federal Way, a $200,000 “Crazy Wild 10’s” Scratch winner in Spokane, twoMatch 4 winners in Yakima, and a $10,000 Powerball winner in Spokane.

Pretty good lottery times in the state of Washington, I’d say.

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