One Month Before His Million Dollar Winning Ticket was Due to Expire, Virginia Player Cashes In


Kofi Nyanor of Alexandria, Virginia, knew on January 1 that he had won a million dollars.

For more than four months, he kept the winning ticket tucked away in a safe spot.

I went about my business, he said. I didn’t tell anyone.

Finally, on May 19, he claimed the third and final top prize in the Virginia’s New Year’s Millionaire

Raffle. He received his check from Virginia Lottery Executive Director Paula Otto.

The presentation took place at the store at which he bought the winning ticket: Super Dollar Saver, 366 South Pickett Street in Alexandria. The store received a $10,000 bonus for selling the top-prize-winning ticket.

Mr. Nyanor, who describes himself as a once-in-a-while lottery player, said he plans to invest his winnings and give to charity.

By law, Virginia Lottery tickets expire 180 days after drawings and the unclaimed prize money goes to the state Literary Fund.

This ticket would have expired on June 29 if Nyanor had not redeemed it.

He declined to give a reason why he had waited this long.

But we can speculate.

Lost his ticket?

Wanted to meet with financial advisors?

What is your guess?

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