$100,000 Winning Numbers Come to CT Lottery Player in a Dream


For Roman Leninski of Branford, Connecticut, the state’s CAsh5 game numbers that he played on May 10, 2011 were a dream come true. I had a dream about five numbers. When I woke up, I wrote them down on a pad of paper, Leninski said.

Leninski played those numbers, but did not win.

He played the same Cash5 numbers the next day.

I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and called the Lottery’s Lott-Line, heard the winning numbers, and compared them to my ticket. Then I pressed replay and listened again, Leninski said.

Leninski’s Cash5 numbers were a perfect match with the winning numbers drawn on May 10”and his prize was worth an incredible $100,000. I was so excited; I was up all night

after that. I couldn’t sleep, Leninski told Lottery officials with a hearty laugh.

Leninski called his friends to share his amazing news, and then went to a Lottery retailer to validate his ticket and get directions to CT Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill. Later on, when he accepted his check from Lottery officials for $68,500, Leninski commented, This is a great feeling, it makes you feel good!

Leninski said he plans to put his prize money straight into the bank.

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