Twice is Nice (in Maryland); Player Wins Second Top Lottery Prize


In 2008, Robison won a second-chance Dubble Bubble Dream Day at the Park prize, which provided him the opportunity to play baseball with Baltimore Orioles alumni.Bernard Robison, Jr. is no stranger to the Maryland Lottery winners lounge.

Recemtly, the Proctor & Gamble retiree strolled into Lottery Headquarters again.

This time, he was cashing a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 top-tier winning ticket.

He entered with a smile on his face and confidence by his side. Every time I play, I know I am going to win, said Bernard.  There is no point in playing if you suspect you may lose.

Robison, a Harford County, Maryland resident of over 40 years, plays Bonus Match 5often, and says that he always uses the same numbers, which are a combination of important dates and birthdays.

He explained how he first saw his winning numbers on television, and then called the winning numbers line to verify his win. He also described his feeling after he won as natural.

This calm, cool, and collected winner has two grown children; a son and a daughter.  At the time of speaking with the Lottery, he had not yet told his children of his win. My daughter had surgery yesterday and I plan on going to visit her right after I leave here to tell her the news, the excited winner stated.  Robison said that he will be giving his children some of his winnings, and may also buy a new car.

I don’t need much to make me happy, he explained.

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