Let’s All Head to Europe, Where the EuroMillions Jackpot is Now 171 MILLION Euros, or about $284 Million in U.S. Dollars; Your Top 5 Worldwide Jackpots


If you happen to be traveling in Europe this Tuesday or Friday ….. you might want to take a chance on the EuroMillions game (very similar to Powerball and Mega Millions), where the jackpot is now an eye popping 171 million euros, or about $284 million U.S. dollars.

The drawings are every Tuesday and Friday, 9 p.m., in Paris (Paris time). Ticket available in 9 European countries, including the UK, Spain, France, Portugal and Switzerland.

This is an amazing jackpot, one of the highest ever in the world. So lay down your euros and play.

Because someone, somewhere will win. Someday.

Here are your top 5 current jackpots:

1. 171 million euros, about $284 million U.S. dollars, Euro Millions, next draw, July 5.

2. $47 million, SuperLotto Plus, tickets only available in California, next draw, July 6.

3. $36.8 million, Ohio’s Classic Lotto, tickets only available in Ohio, July 4.

4. $25 million  in Canadian dollars (about $26.1 million in USD), Canada Lotto 6/49, July 6.

5. $25 million, Powerball, July 6.

Good luck, everyone.



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