One U.K. Lottery Ticket Holder Wins $268 MIllion in U.S. Dollars (161 million British Pounds); Winner of EuroMillions Jackpot Has Yet to Come Forward


From my buddy, Jeremy, in London: He says the town is buzzing (not just about Rupert Murdoch) but EuroMIllions, where ONE ticket worth 161 million British pounds ($284 in USD) won on Tuesday

This winner will be one of the richest persons in England, Jeremy said.

When the lucky recipient of Europe’s biggest lottery win to date does claim the prize, he or she will be launched straight into the list of the top 500 richest people in the UK, going straight in at number 430.

He or she will be richer than David Bowie. Sean Connery.

The lucky player matched all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to land the bumper prize in Tuesday’s Euro Millions draw.

It is not yet known whether the overnight multi-millionaire is an individual or in a lottery pool, or where they are from.

The massive jackpot was capped after a series of rollovers made it the largest yet in the UK and Europe.

The exact amount to be claimed by the winner is £161,653,000 (US$261,188,571 million).

A UK National Lottery spokesman proclaimed, “This is amazing news ” we are absolutely delighted that a UK ticket-holder has scooped the entire jackpot.”

Previously, the largest lottery winner in the UK was an anonymous player who claimed £113m in the EuroMillions in October last year.

But the prospect of landing such a massive, life-changing payout could be the reason the ticket-holder has yet to come forward.

There is a lot of evidence of people who have won the lottery and gone on to suffer depression. The ones who are best suited to it are those who accept quickly that their lives will never be the same. They also tend to be very sensible with their money. One of the main issues would come from giving up their jobs and effectively being cast adrift on a sea of luxury.

There have been many examples of unhappy endings for lottery winners. Stuart Donnelly, from Glasgow, won £1.9m at age of 17 in 1997, making him the youngest lottery winner at that time.

A college student living on a council estate, the win turned him into a recluse. Last year, he was found dead at the age of 29 in his home in Castle Douglas.

The winning Euro Millions numbers Tuesday were 17, 19, 38, 42 and 45, and the Lucky Stars were 9 and 10.

Is that YOUR ticket?

Please check before you toss it in the trash.



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