“We’re Not a Flashy Couple,” Say Winners of $284 Million (in U.S. Dollars) of Euro Millions Jackpot


Colin and Chris Weir of Ayrshire, U.K. said “We were excited, exhilarated, we couldn’t sleep” after they learned that they were the winners of the £161m Euromillions jackpot.

That’s about $284 million in U.S. dollars.

Chris Weir said she and her husband Colin were “tickled pink” when they realised they had scooped Tuesday’s jackpot.

“We’re not flashy people,” she said. Well, OK. I believe you.

“I even had a glass of white wine which is something I normally only do at Christmas!” laughed Chris on the day the couple came forward into the public eye to claim their prize.

The prize was Europe’s biggest ever and was capped after a series of rollovers.

On the night of the draw Chris was checking their numbers on the BBC at about midnight on the television in their bedroom.

“I started circling the numbers I had matched but wasn’t doing very well. Then on the fifth line, all the circles seemed to join up.”Chris and husband Colin sat up all night they were so excited.

“When we first realised we had won, it felt like a dream,” Colin said.

“Everything went into slow motion.”

“The next steps are going to be the most difficult… with great wealth comes great responsibility,” added Colin.

The Weirs have both had serious health conditions in recent years and have not been able to work.

Colin, 64, had previously worked as a television cameraman and Chris, 55, is a fully-trained psychiatric nurse. Their luckiest numbers ever were:

7, 19, 38, 42 and 45

Lucky Stars 9 and 10

The most exciting aspect of their windfall is the opportunity to travel.

“We have both always wanted to see the Great Wall of China and Colin would love to stand at the foot of Ayres Rock in Australia,” said Chris.

“We also love art galleries, so this gives us the chance to visit those in Paris and in Russia. These are all things we thought we would never see.”

I guess, with that amount of money, you can do anything.

Congratulations. From Lottery Moments, we are always happy to see good people win big money.





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