$229 Million-Winning Powerball Winners Come Forward; They are Minnesota’s Biggest Lottery Winners Ever


Thomas Morris normally buys three Powerball tickets in a single purchase, but on Aug. 10 he bought five tickets for that night’s drawing.

It wasn’t my normal pattern, the Burnsville, MInnesota resident said. As the clerk handed him the ticket, Morris told him, You don’t need to sell any more tickets ” I have the winning one.

Morris folded it [the ticket], put it in my pocket and forgot about it. He then drove to Indiana for a job assignment.

The next evening Morris’ wife Kathleen was busy at home when she heard the winning Powerball numbers announced on the TV. I thought, “We wouldn’t have played those numbers; they have no significance to us.

As the Morris’ were watching the evening news on Aug. 11, they heard that the winning Powerball ticket was sold in Dakota County.

Kathleen said to Thomas, It’s too bad we didn’t have a ticket. Thomas told her that he did buy some. They checked the tickets together and found they had the winning one worth $228.9 million.

The winning Powerball numbers were 11-18-36-41-46 and the Powerball was 38.

The Morris’ have 60 days to choose the annuity payment of $228.9 million or the cash option of $123.6 million ($83.7 million after tax withholding).

What would YOU do?

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