The Name is Bond. James Bond (No Kidding), Jr., Wins $6.5 Million Playing Illinois Lottery


OK .the names is Bond…James Bond…Jr.

No matter how much you shake it. Or stir it. This James Bond (Jr.) is a winner. A lottery winner.

Like the fictional secret agent with whom he shares his name, James Bond Jr. of Vincennes is a lucky and well-off man.  Bond Jr., 46, was the sole winner of $6.5 million from the August 13 Illinois Lotto drawing.

He bought his ticket in Lawrenceville IL, across the border from his Indiana hometown.

While the fictional Bond prefers shaken vodka martinis and Aston Martin sports cars, Lottery winner Bond drives an old Chevy pickup and prefers cold beer as his wind-down-the-day beverage.

I’ve taken a lot of ribbing over the years because of my name, said Bond, who has never once played 0-0-7 in the Lottery’s Pick 3 game. I loved all the James Bond movies, especially those with Sean Connery, but that’s as far as it goes.

Bond’s father, James Bond Sr., 64, and mother, Lorna Kay Bond, 63, accompanied their son to

the Lottery’s Springfield IL headquarters today, where Bond Jr. was presented an oversized Lottery check for $6.5 million from a Lottery representative.

One of Bond’s two sons, Eric, 29, and one of his three brothers, Ryan, 17, were available to travel with Bond to claim his prize. Bond’s fiancé of nearly three years, Kimberly Williams, also made the trip. Bond’s son Brandon, 22, was unable to attend, as he is returning to duty in Afghanistan today, where he serves as a Private First Class in the US Army.  I’m so proud of Brandon and how he’s serving his country. I wish he could be here to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience, Bond said.

We’re proud of all of the Bonds.


What a great story.


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