$100,000-winning Ticket Found in Car’s Glove Compartment


While retrieving a comb from his car’s glove compartment, Al Frattini of Sherman, Connecticut noticed three Lottery draw tickets inside that had yet to be checked.

After scanning two tickets in a lottery Ticket Checker, the third came up a winner.

I thought I won a $1,000, which was good, Frattini said. Frattini soon learned he was mistaken.

The clerk scanned it and said to me “Al, you didn’t win $1,000you won $100,000.’ I was so surprised. It’s the most I’ve ever won, Frattini said, flashing a modest grin.

Frattini already had plans in place for the $68,300 (prize value after taxes) check he received at CT Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill.

My son doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to give him a portion of the money to help with a down payment on a house, Frattini said. Cool. All in the family, right?


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