Constructing a Win: Florida Resident, Working in Virginia, Hits for $200,000 Powerball Prize


Don Webb was in Virginia for an extended stay while working on a construction project in Washington, D.C.

The Jasper, Florida, man bought a Powerball ticket at the 7-Eleven in Gainesville, Virginia, and matched the first five numbers to win the game’s second prize of $200,000.

I looked at it and I couldn’t believe it, the crane operator told Virginia Lottery officials. I told my wife, but she didn’t believe it either.

He bought the ticket for the September 21 Powerball drawing. He used Easy (Quick) Pick and allowed the computer to randomly select the numbers on his ticket.

The winning numbers were 12-47-48-52-55 and the Powerball was 13.

Had he matched that final Powerball number, he would have won a jackpot estimated at $25 million.

Instead, his ticket was one of four nationwide to match the first five numbers, and the only one in Virginia.

Webb said he intends to use his winnings to pay bills.

Wouldn’t you do the same?

I know I would.


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