“Rush” to Judgement? Illinois Woman Wins $2,500 a Week for Life; Opts to Take Lump Sum.


Wendy Rush did not rush to claim her multi-million dollar Lottery prize.

The 67-year old Eureka, Illinois, resident purchased and won a $2,500 A Week For Life prize on August 1.  A full six weeks expired before she calmly approached the Lottery’s Springfield Prize Center on Sept 12 knowing exactly how she intended to claim her prize (in a lump-sum), and what steps she was going to take to prudently invest it.

I don’t want to make a killing, but I don’t want to lose it, Rush said with a lilting Louisiana accent.

Winning this kind of prize is a blessing, a blessing that carries some responsibilities.  Rush is working with an attorney to finalize her will. I never had any money before, so I didn’t really need a will, she said.

One thing Rush does need is a new car to replace her 1995 Toyota Corolla. She intends to buy a new used car soon after her prize payment arrives. New cars take a huge depreciation hit, and I don’t want to be the one to take it said Rush, who was born on Sept 11, and originally hails from Louisiana.

Rush has worked for 15 years at the Woodford County Probation Department. She intends to keep her job, which she enjoys. I’m going to keep working, she said with a smile, unless or until my boss starts giving me a really hard time.

Rush gets along well with her boss and co-workers, one of whom confirmed the win on Aug 1 when Rush showed her the winning ticket on their lunch hour.

Rush stored her winning ticket (after signing it) in a local bank safety deposit box the next day, where it remained for six weeks until she was ready to claim the prize. She met with a CPA and a financial planner prior to claiming the prize.


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