North Carolinian Cleans Up, Takes Home More Than $161,000


Kenny Cuthbertson, the owner of an office cleaning service in Charlotte, North Carolina, said his first reaction to seeing that he had won the jackpot in the Oct. 10 Carolina Cash 5 drawing was one of disbelief.

He said he took a picture of his winning ticket and sent it from his cell phone to his sister’s cell phone so she could check too.

I said, “So I’m not dreaming?’ Cuthbertson said he asked his sister. She said, “No. You’re not dreaming.’

Cuthbertson bought the ticket, which matched all five numbers,  in Charlotte.

After taxes were withheld, Cuthbertson received a check for $161,248. Not too bad, right?

Cuthbertson said he planned to use his prize money to help take care of his 75-year-old mother.

He said he may also use some of the winnings to take a trip or a cruise. Asked how he felt about his good luck, Cuthbertson said, Blessed. Just blessed.

Blessed indeed.

Congratulations, man.


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