Retired North Carolina Banker Claims $57 Million Mega Millions Jackpot Prize




It took a few weeks, but one of the two Mega Millions $114 million jackpot (split between the two ticket holders) came forward in North Carolina.

Guess they wanted to get some financial advice before claiming their prize. Not too tough since the winner was a retired banker.

Me? I’d be on the lottery headquarters doorsteps the next morning.

Nevertheless, half of the jackpot, $57 million, went to James Jones, a retired banker from Greenville, and his two daughters, Allan Jones of Greenville, and Kimberly Jones, a high school teacher from Buford, Ga.

The family chose the lump sum option rather than the annuity and will receive $42.2 million. After taxes were withheld, James Jones received $20 million and Kimberly Jones and Allan Jones received $4.3 million each.

For my family, it will mean the ability to finish the education of our grandchildren and their grandchildren said James Jones.

For my daughters, it will certainly mean a less stressful financial life and the ability to follow their life ambitions. As for my wife and I, it will certainly not change much in our lives as we now live comfortably and have no needs or want for many more worldly things.

Jones said the family plans to invest and save the money for future generations and support worthy charities.

Jones bought five $2 Mega Millions tickets on the Friday afternoon before the drawing was held. He discovered he had matched all five white balls and the Mega ball on Saturday morning.

Unbelievable, said Jones of the feeling when he discovered his good luck. It was truly unbelievable. After I had checked enough to convince myself I really had won, it was exciting. And a little bit scary.

The other winning ticket was sold in California, still yet to be claimed.

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