U.S. Pentagon Employee Wins Virginia’s Pick 4 Game … Times 20. Equals $100,000!!


Another ordinary day at the office?

Yeah. Right.

Well, that’s probably not how Joseph Hudson-Bey, a tele-communications employee at the Pentagon, would describe it.

Particularly after he discovered he had won $100,000 from the Virginia Lottery.

Hudson-Bey, who plays Pick 4 regularly and tries Pick 3 occasionally, bought 20 tickets right before a co-worker. He chose numbers corresponding to the birthday of a friend’s mother.

When the Washington, D.C., resident came to work the next morning, his co-worker’s girlfriend said, Hey, that number you played came out!

He rushed inside, checked his tickets, and sure enough, he had the winning number “ 1207 “ on all 20 tickets. He won $5,000 on each ticket, for a total of $100,000.

Besides saving a portion of the money, Hudson-Bey wants to do things around the house, do something with his kids and maybe even buy his wife a car.

He plans to surprise his wife, who still didn’t know about his big win when he claimed his winnings, when he is ready to surprise her.

Bet she knows by now.


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