In the U.K., Player Wins Two Jackpots After Playing Winning Numbers Twice


Over here in the U.S., most lottery players have never heard of the U.K.’s HEALTH LOTTERY, but it’s pretty cool, an recently, in the Nov. 5 draw, there were seven jackpot winners, two of the seven were of one player, thanks to a most fortunate memory lapse.

First though, some explanation for our non-U.K. readers.

The Health Lottery is an independent Great Britain lottery game which was launched to help raise funds for “health-related good causes’.

Players have to pick and match 5 numbers from the range 1 to 50 to win a fixed top prize of £100,000 and of every £1 raised from ticket sales, 20p goes to the good cause fund. To ensure that every part of Great Britain benefits from this game (and the money it raises) it isn’t run as a national lottery but instead comprises 51 separate society lotteries, each of which represents one or more Local Authority areas.

Get it?

These society lotteries take it in turns to be featured in the draws, which take place every Saturday evening and are broadcast on both Britain’s Channel Five and ITV.

Now, back to the story. Meet Paul Nelson, who lives in Uckfield in East Sussex, who bought his Health Lottery tickets from a local store, and then entered the same numbers again the very next day because he forgot that he had bought tickets the day before.

Lucky for Nelson, his numbers “ 05, 08, 21, 39 and 44 “ came up in the draw on Saturday, so he managed to win the £100,000 top prize twice over!

By the way, I’ve seen this happen in the States. Cool, huh?

I spent £5 altogether on The Health Lottery last week, Paul said. I’d forgotten I had already played the numbers so ended up playing them again the next day. I can’t believe my luck!
Most lottery players dread forgetting to buy their lottery tickets just in case their numbers come up and they miss out on a fortune, but Paul’s memory lapse actually helped him to win twice as much as he would have won otherwise.
Paul is now planning to take a holiday with his partner Corinne, and he also intends to propose to her for a second time. I have tried once before but I did not have a ring so I am going to have to get one now, he said.
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