A Wish Comes True; Maryland Player Wins $50,000, Can Now Help Father Come Home


Sometimes, it almost seems like prayers are answered, thanks to the lottery. Witness this case I recently came across.

David Johnson, Jr., and his wife Theresa, have been hoping for a financial miracle so that they can move David’s father back to Maryland from Missouri.

They received that miracle when David scratched his way to a $50,000 Black Jack ticket top prize.

On his way home from getting an oil change, David noticed a few small winning scratch-offs in his car and decided to stop at the store. With his winnings, he purchased one Black Jack scratch-off.

After I got gas, I scratched the ticket right there at the gas pump, he said. At first I thought I had just won $5, but as I kept scratching the ticket, $10,000 popped up. I then thought I won $10,000, until I looked at the rest of the ticket and saw I had a really big winner!

David’s wife, Theresa, said she had been trying to figure out a way to get a down payment on a condo so David’s father could live close to the family.

When my husband called me and told me he had won, I just got goose bumps, she said.

The 42-year-old said he used his lucky silver half dollar that is dated the same year his mother, who passed away a few years ago, was born. It’s like she helped us.

Besides helping his dad, David plans to also save the rest. His winning ticket was purchased in Mount Airy, Maryland.

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