Lucky Flat Tire (???!!!) Leads to $1,000 a Week for Life


Luckily, we had a flat tire, said Lindsay Ghostlaw.

Luckily? Huh?

Are you kidding me?

In this case, no, I’m not kidding you!

Ghostlaw’s drive through Virginia with her boyfriend included many unscheduled stops to keep an eye on their hopefully-repaired tire.

At one of those stops, she bought a Win For Life Scratcher ticket from the Virginia Lottery.

As they resumed their trip back home to Massena, New York, she scratched the ticket while he drove. When she realized it was a top-prize-winning ticket and told her boyfriend, he didn’t believe her at first.

It took me to Maryland to get him to turn around! she later told Virginia Lottery officials.

With that winning ticket, Ms. Ghostlaw will receive $1,000 per week for the rest of her life. She told Lottery officials she is a college student, studying dental hygiene, and the prize will enable her and her boyfriend to pay off student loans.

The winning ticket was bought in Edinburg, Virginia.

I LOVE this story.

Goes to prove…when it comes to the lottery, you never know.

MEGA MILLIONS jackpot at more than $200 million on Dec. 27.

Good luck, everyone.


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