Awesome Gift Ticket From Son Wins Top U.K. National Lottery Prize


Here’s a nice story sent to me by my colleague Ian, in London.

It’s all about a couple from Yeadon, near Leeds. They won more than a million pounds (actually £1,963,927) about a month ago, but I’m just finding out about them now.

Thanks Ian.

Their names are Steve and Gwen Poole and according to a press release, they didn’t find out they had won until a day after the draw, when one of their sons showed them the ticket, which he had bought for them.

Steve revealed, “I usually forget to put the lines on so I send one of my sons down to the shop with our Fast Pay card.” 

The couple’s son Tom, along with brother Dave, watched the draw together. When Tom commented that the numbers looked familiar, Dave laughed at him. Tom had the last laugh, though, as Dave went away on holiday on Sunday and so was unaware when the news broke that his father is a millionaire.

Steve said, “Tom came in on Sunday night, told Gwen and I to sit down and then passed us the ticket. We looked at it and then the results he had put on the TV. The amount was under the numbers, we were all a bit numb to be honest.

Gwen took charge of the ticket and placed it in a picture frame for safekeeping.

Steve, who was both a driving instructor and recovery vehicle controller, said he’ll cut back on work.

Gwen, who is a dental nurse, is also looking to go part time.

I hope they’ve done all that. Ian, if you’re reading this and can find out, let me know.

Treats for their four sons and three grandchildren are also in the plans. The couple hope to travel across Canada to visit their son, who lives there.

Steve, a keen paraglider who often travels to Turkey to indulge his passion, is planning a big treat to himself of a powered paraglider. He said, “I have not been able to do it a lot recently as I have been so busy with work. Now I intend to spend more time in my paraglider and I am going to treat myself to one with a motor so I don’t need to trek up the hill with my kit first.

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