UK EuroMillions Raffle Winners Had a Very, Merry Christmas


A couple from Yorkshire has scooped £1 million in the special EuroMillions UK Millionaire raffle draw on Dec. 23.   The ticket was kept in an antique family teapot while the couple celebrated Christmas.

Judy and Frank Whitmore were one of the 25 ticket-holders who each banked £1 million on the amazing night. The draw was the finale of Millionaires Month, which saw the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle create 50 millionaires in the UK between 25 November and Christmas.

Judy only bought the ticket because the draw was creating so many winners, and discovered the win on Christmas Eve. She said, “I got the laptop out and hadn’t won with my numbers so then looked through the 25 raffle numbers. I checked it six times and my husband and I kept reading them out to one another. In the end we decided we had better call my son to check.”

Judy’s son, who lives down the road, appeared in an instant, and eventually confirmed: “Yes Mother you have won it”.

“We screamed a bit,” Judy said, “and then my son had to call” to confirm the win.

Rather than rushing out for last-minute Christmas shopping, the couple decided it was best to go for a walk. “We just wandered down the river with great big smiles on our faces and occasionally laughing,” she said.

Judy was worried about where to keep the ticket now that it was worth £1 million. “My tickets are usually just in my purse or on the window sill,” she said. After a few ideas my husband suggested we put it in a special teapot we have on the kitchen shelf, it was his great-great-grandmother’s. We were sure it would be safe there.”

The couple didn’t reveal the win to their two other children until they visited on Christmas Day. After the initial shock, both were over the moon for the couple.

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