23 St. Louis “Friends” Pool Ticket, Win $200,000 Powerball Prize


Brian Oswald of Hardin, Ill., accepted the role of spokesperson for a group of friends from the St. Louis area who won a $200,000 Powerball prize on Dec. 28.

They won playing the Missouri Lottery, incidentally.

Oswald collected money and bought the tickets for the crew of 23, who now hold Oswald in even higher regard. They were happy to learn that they hit the second-level prize.

Yeah, it’s pretty good, Oswald conceded. Divided by 23 and after taxes, it really helps out after Christmas and what-not. Some of the other people, you know, it’s a huge amount for them, so it’s helping out a lot of people.

Each of the winners will get $8,695 before taxes. In addition to helping with the holiday bills, Oswald said each of them pledged to get one little stupid thing.

I was thinking about getting a tattoo, he explained. One guy is looking to buy a muscle car. Another is looking to get the biggest TV he can carry; things like that.

Oswald, 40, bought the winning ticket in Florissant, Missouri.

Although Oswald said he would continue to play on his own, they won’t play together as a group any longer.

It became work, declared Oswald. Trying to get everybody together and buying so many tickets at one time, it got a little more tedious than I expected. Everybody is basically on their own.

With the winning experience still fresh in his mind, Oswald was sure they would stay in the game. He expressed enthusiasm for upcoming changes to Powerball, which will feature better chances and bigger jackpots, and he said he would consider adding Power Play to future purchases. He suggested other players stick with the Quick Pick.

This is all random, believe it or not. I believe it’s random, so just Quick Pick and don’t get caught up on your numbers, he offered.

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