Retired Maryland Cop Wins $50,000, Tax Free


Donald Calvetti is shedding his pessimistic proclivities and is now thoroughly convinced that Lottery players really do win the big money.

The 70-year-old father-of-two said, I used to think that nobody wins the top prizes, but now I know people do win.

Donald was with his 38-year-old daughter when the two of them stopped to buy several Lottery tickets for his wife.

She likes scratch-offs, said Donald. It wasn’t until the next evening that they got around to playing their tickets.

He, his wife and daughter, were scratching the tickets, winning a few smaller amounts along the way, when Donald struck it rich, winning $50,000 all taxes paid on the new Tax Free scratch-off.

I asked my daughter what this meant, he said.  Looks like you win, she replied. The trio couldn’t quite believe their good fortune, but as Donald decreed, It turned out true.  Donald’s wife quickly phoned her sisters in Pennsylvania and posted the good news on Facebook. We started getting phone calls congratulating us, said the happy winner.

The retired Montgomery County, Maryland police officer and now part-time bailiff for the district court intends to use the majority of his winnings to purchase a certificate of deposit for his wife. It will be security for her, he said. They will also enjoy a celebratory dinner out.

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