All in the Family? Son Wins $50,000 …. Father Wins $100,000


Ronald Cordsiemon of Elsberry, Missouri is a self-proclaimed lottery enthusiast.

He said he likes to play Lottery Scratchers games and has even won prizes of $1,000 before.

But he’s never won the big prize, as he did with a 20X Scratchers ticket he bought on Jan. 23, uncovering the top prize of $100,000.

I play every day, Cordsiemon declared. I took it home and scratched it off. I scratched off the 20 times and set the ticket aside.

So, I came back to it and I scratched off the prize. I said, “Well, I’ve got $100.’ I scratched off the comma, and I kind of went numb. I scratched off the remainder of the ticket, and I realized I won $100,000. Very exciting!

It’s an experience that runs in the family. Cordsiemon’s son, Ronald Cordsiemon II, called him on Christmas day to ask if the ticket he got in his stocking was really a $50,000 winner. It was.

It was very exciting to have your son hit something like that, recalled Cordsiemon. I was so happy for him; I could hardly stand it. He was very happy for me.

He added, laughing, He said, “You just had to outdo me, didn’t you, dad?’

Cordsiemon and his wife, Jo Ann, have already started spending the windfall.

We bought a used Corvette this morning, he explained while claiming the ticket. We’re going to pay off our debts, and then the family is going to gather up and we’re going to have a big seafood dinner!  Crab legs and shrimp!

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