Cash and Carry … Virginia Player Figures….Other People Win, Why Not Me? So He Wins $100,000


John Tucker had watched his co-workers play Cash 5 many times, but he didn’t join them.

One day he said, I’ll show you how to play. He went to a convenience store in Portsmouth and bought three tickets. He selected the numbers for two of the tickets and used Easy Pick for the third.

That night, he returned to the store and discovered he had won $100,000.

Tucker matched all five numbers in the January 23 Cash 5 day drawing. The winning numbers were 7-13-16-19-34. The winning ticket was the one for which he used Easy Pick and allowed the computer to randomly select his numbers.

As he claimed his prize, Tucker said that he shared the good news with his wife and mother.

I don’t keep good things a secret, he said.


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