New BBC Drama Tells the Tale of a lottery Pool, and What Happens After their Big Win


OK, I’ll admit it. I’m an anglophile to the corp.

Love all things British. [And South African]

So I was thrilled to hear about a new lottery soap opera about to air in the UK, and I can only hope that BBC America will pick it up.

I guess it all began with the Euro Millions winners in the UK. The large number of them. The new TV drama is about a syndicate of supermarket workers who win the big one.

Not that it doesn’ t include lots of angst. My friend over in the  UK, Terrence Williams has seen an advance copy of it (he is in the advert business) and loves it.

Being a drama, it presents a less rosy view of how sudden riches can transform lives.

“I thought, I wonder what it would be like if a group of people won the lottery. Ordinary, working-class people, in this present climate,” said the writer, interviewed in The newspaper, The  Guardian. The  syndicate of five includes Timothy Spall, Joanna Page and Matthew McNulty as overnight millionaires.

Filmed in Leeds, the drama shows how tough life can be for those on low incomes. “There are a lot of people living like that,” said the writer. “That’s not far away from my background, how I was brought up in a council estate. So that’s how they are, I know that’s how it is.”

The Syndicate follows the runup to the group’s £18m win and the repercussions of the windfall for its members.

The drama, firmly rooted in 2012, comes in the wake of success for period dramas on both the BBC and ITV, with Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey offering audiences escapism.
In any case, there is an element of escapism to this show, she said. “They do win the lottery.”

The Syndicate begins on BBC1 on 27 March.

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