North Carolina Player Takes it to the “Max,” Scratches $1 Million Top Prize


Perry Greene, a resident of Lawndale in Cleveland County, North Carolina, plans to pay bills with the $1 million prize he scratched off on his Maximum Green ticket.

Geez, I hope he does more than “just” pay bills with his million. But I digress…

I felt like my blood pressure went directly to my feet, Greene said. I have been playing since the lottery launched, so I guess it was just my time. As of tomorrow, I will be completely out of debt. This feels wonderful.

The Maximum Green ticket in North Carolina allows players who scratch the top prize to choose between a 20-year annuity or take a discounted lump sum cash prize of $600,000.

After choosing the lump sum option, Greene received a payment of $408,003, after taxes were withheld.

Pretty damned good, eh?


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