When $100 Equals $20,000 … Only When You Play the Lottery (or the Stock Market)


After playing the Kansas Lottery’s $2 Bonus Crossword instant scratch game, Thomas Holland stopped at a convenience store to cash in what he thought was a $100 winning ticket.

While standing in line at the store, Holland realized he had miscounted his words and had won $2,000.  After further inspection of the ticket, the Ottawa, Kansas, resident discovered he had missed the letter D, which caused him to reveal all 10 words on his ticket, winning a $20,000 top prize!

I was in shock, said Holland.  I went to the store thinking I had won $100.  I never expected to actually have a $20,000 winning ticket.

Holland’s wife Pamela was in shock, too, when her husband came home with the good news.

When he told me he had won $20,000, all I could say was, “You’re kidding me,’ said Pamela.  It was shocking news.

After signing the back of the winning ticket, Holland put his ticket in a drawer for safekeeping.  Although he knew the ticket was safe, he couldn’t help but worry and dream something had happened to it.

I kept dreaming a mouse had eaten my ticket and I couldn’t claim it, said Holland.  We don’t even have mice!

Holland and Pamela, who have been married 43 years, have two grown children and five grandchildren with another one on the way.  They plan to purchase a newer vehicle with his winnings as well as complete some home remodeling projects.

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