Iraqi War Veteran Wins $100,000


Some people say Friday the 13th  is unlucky.

Kenneth Lebeda of Cassoplis, Mich., disagrees.  He has $100,000 that says it is, in fact, a very lucky day.

Lebeda was on his way to Milan, Ind., with his fiancé, April Fester, when they stopped for lunch at a McDonald’s in Peru, Indiana.  While there, Lebeda purchased a Hoosier Lottery Scratch-off that made today a very lucky day.

Lebeda is an Iraq War veteran who works in law enforcement.  He said the timing of the win couldn’t be better.

I’m retiring July 1 after 21 years in the Marine Reserves, said Lebeda. This is great timing.

Lebeda hasn’t had time to figure out exactly what to do with his winnings.  He’s considering paying off his truck, a kitchen remodel and fixing up his ’95 Ford Mustang. He said he would like to leave some in the bank as well.

Lebeda is the first lucky player to claim a $100,000 top prize on the Hoosier Lottery’s new Cash Bonus scratch-off game.

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